Since inception, we have been developing the earth’s minerals and natural resources to create energy-efficient and sustainable public and private spaces. Throughout our history, we have created environmental award-winning municipal and corporate parks and recreational facilities.


Exploring opportunities to further environmental sustainability in recent years, we have been increasingly focused on the enormous potential of graphene as one of the most integral materials in a variety of applications facilitating renewable energy products.

In 2019 we developed our graphite processing capabilities, acquiring subsidiaries now under the banner Graphex Technologies, which manufacture and develop graphite and graphene-related products and technologies. With a diverse array of 25 patents and utility models covering our innovative processing techniques, combined with our proximity to one of the most robust graphite mines in China, we are uniquely adept at providing the requisite materials to enable the latest renewable energy products for both the Asian and growing global market. In particular, our high quality graphite and graphene are one of the main components in powering lithium-ion batteries used increasingly in electric vehicles and highly efficient solar panels. The global demand for the existing uses of graphene that we support are exponentially increasing, which we expect will drive our growth for years to come.  Our research and development team is dedicated to discovering further potential in harnessing graphene’s exceptional properties, especially electrical and thermal conductivity, in a wide variety of applications.


The globalization of our industry drives our strategic business development initiatives. We are committed to increasing our role as a local source for the global supply chain within China, while expanding our products and technology globally. Furthermore, we continue to explore options to acquire vertically integrated complementary businesses.


The natural evolution of our business has guided our current corporate rebranding process. The transition of our name from Earthasia International Holdings Limited to Graphex Group Limited, which encompasses both the graphene-focused Graphex Technologies and the eco design-focused EADG, reflects the company’s focus on the exploration, creation, and implementation of the highest quality graphene-related products and innovations while continuing to facilitate the evolution of sustainable innovations in public and private spaces around us.